The Nicholson Company

has been a family-run organization for three generations. The accumulated expertise has become a valuable asset for The Nicholson Company's clients and partners. Since 1984, The Nicholson Company has established in excess of fifty real estate development partnerships or joint ventures in which it acts as managing general partner or principal. These projects range in size from less than five million dollars to over five hundred million dollars.

In order to efficiently utilize this expertise, The Nicholson Company is organized into several corporations and partnerships operating under one umbrella organization. In this manner, the company can offer superior focus in their respective fields, while combining resources to meet the demands of a given project.


With the Nicholson family having over 50 years of success in the General Contracting and Development industry, The Nicholson Company strives every day to expand the family’s strong history of achieving superior results.

The Nicholson family has been involved in real estate development and general construction in the Silicon Valley for over fifty years. Its first company, Nicholson-Wilson Co., was responsible for several hundred-million dollars of construction during its first thirty years. In 1983, Nicholson-Wilson Co. was sold to a major international construction firm.

In February 1984, Bruce and John Nicholson formed The Nicholson Company. During 2009, leadership for The Nicholson Company was transitioned to the next generation as Mark Nicholson has assumed the role of President. The company is focused on real estate development, general contracting and property management.

Current projects include:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Space
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Urban Redevelopments
  • Research and development facilities
  • Hotels
  • Destination Resorts